For almost four decades, we've serviced some of the world's finest hospitality companies. Now, we're making it our mission to ensure every home in the USA has clean, healthy water.


Toxin Absorption by the Skin

Dr. Robert F Tarpy

We love it!

Christine DeSue, Attorney

My name is Christine DeSue and I'm a local family law attorney and I have a water system through Wellness Water company. Not only is the water fabulous and tastes fabulous, it feels so good on your skin and has been such a benefit to my son, who has very sensitive skin. He would have a lot of skin rashes that have now disappeared thanks to these products. Thank you, Julio, we love it!

I'll never NOT have a water system from Wellness Water again!

Mike Delahoussaye Owner of Tic-Toc Cafe

"Hi, my name is Mike Delahoussaye, I'm owner of Tic-Toc Cafe...I have had a water system from Wellness Water installed about three years ago. We serve a LOT of coffee here. A LOT. And since I've had the system put in, I've had the most unbelievable comments. People come from all over for one reason: to drink my coffee. I had multiple comments prior to the system, but the comments since then are unbelievable.

From the business, I also did a system at my house and the soft water is just addicting. I'll never NOT have a water system from Wellness Water again. Julio Torres, you're doing a great job. Thank you very much. Everybody out there who is in this industry, I would certainly recommend [a Wellness Water System], even if you're just serving fountain drinks... it makes a big difference in the flavor of the drinks!"

It'll make good tasting water!

Mike Rouen, broker with Delray Comarda

Hi, I'm Mike Rouen, a commercial real estate broker with Delray Comarda Realtors. I've purchased a Wellness Water system from Julio Torres and I really want to give it a testimonial. We're not only enjoying the highquality water ourselves and saving money on a lot of the things that we use with water, but we're getting unsolicited comments from our guests about how good the water tastes. So, it'll make your life better, and it'll make good tasting water.

The drinking glasses don't have the spots they used to have!

David Barreca, owner of Barreca's Restaurant in Old Metairie

Hello, I'm David Barreca, owner of Barreca's Restaurant in Old Metairie. About 10 years ago, I put a water system in the restaurant, and it's paid for itself many times over and over. The reason I put it in in the very beginning was because I was getting spots all over my silverware and my water glasses and I was trying to eliminate them. Julio came and talked to me and told me that when you put the system in, the soft water will solve that problem. And sure enough, we did it and it has resolved.

Also, in cooking, when you're cooking food, you know- my red gravies, and my gumbos and my soups- I don't have to put as much seasoning in it because the soft water absorbs the seasoning a lot faster than hard water does, so you're saving there too. Also, in the equipment, you know, hard water, on your ice machine and all that, every now and then you get that calcium build up and you have to change out all your equipment and you have a lot of maintenance fees... I don't have that because soft water doesn't have the calcium buildup that hard water does.

Finally, another big saving is with your Coca Cola products, they can adjust the syrup to be less than what they would normally have to do, than what they would have to with hard water. So, I highly recommend that you investigate the system, talk to Julio Torres, and let him see what he can do for you.

We've been with [Wellness Water] for over 30 years!

Mark D Feliz, Chef and Co-Owner of Pascale's Manale Restaurant

They've provided us with our water softener system which helps us maintain a good quality of clean dishes, sanitary glass, clearer washings...the ice machines work less, produces more, and coffee tastes better. In general, it's a great tool to have for your food and beverage at your restaurant. I recommend it highly."

Wellness Water is some of the best water in world!

Sally Johnston, satisfied Wellness Water user

"Wellness Water is some of the best water in world. You don't have to worry about chemicals. You can taste a delicious water as nature intended. You save money with wellness water, and, you don't have to carry all those bottles of water to and from your car -it breaks your back! Go for Wellness Water, it is one of the best investments you can make!"

There has been an absolute, complete, THOROUGH improvement in all things in the house!

Jackie, satisfied Wellness Water user

"Hi, I'm Jackie and I am a pleased and proud owner of a Wellness Water system. I first began by putting in the system under my sink so the drinking water would be fresh and clean and I was so excited with that we went the whole route and put the entire whole house system through to protect us from the harmful toxins in Louisiana water. Not only did we realize the moment we put it in and took our first showers, that we had done a great thing for our health and wellness, it has also done amazing things for product we use! We use much less soap, much less shampoo, and less detergent in our washing machine and in our dishwasher. It has been an incredible improvement, our skin is better, we're not as dry as we used to be. I don't get the terrible cracked hands I used to get in the winter. There has been an absolute, complete, THOROUGH improvement in all things in the house. And, the best thing, also, is that Julio Torres stands behind his product. He is a man of great integrity and will make you completely comfortable with your investment. There is nothing he will refuse to do to make ANY customer completely happy and very satisfied. And he does it with grace. And he makes YOU believe that it is truly his great honor to make sure that everything he has done for you is done perfectly. And perfectly is not a word I use easily. It has been a great experience completely. Everybody that he sends to work with you has been fantastic, from the beginning to the end, this has been an excellent experience. PLUS, my house is now safer, and that I truly appreciate."

Boy, are we glad to get back to our soft water.

Ashley Chin, satisfied Wellness Water user

"Hi, my name is Ashley Chin and my husband Chris, and I own [Noma] Laundry Services. We've had a Wellness Water system for about 6 years now. What prompted us to investigate getting a system was my husband is in the cleaning business, so he knows the advantages of having soft water...But one of our children has very severe eczema. So bad that his skin would crack, and bleed and the prescription ointments weren't helping. I did a little research and I found out that soft water can help eczema sufferers as well. So, we had Julio install a system for us. And I'm happy to say that within about 2-3 weeks, his skin was completely clear. After that we realized other benefits of having the system, including that it's much easier to clean the house, we don't have hard water build up on our shower doors, it's nice. So much so that when we go on vacation, we always come home and say, 'Boy, are we glad to get back to our soft water.'"

It's probably one of the best things we ever did for our practice!

Dr. James Rehkopf Of Life Chiropractic

Hi, I'm Dr. James Rehkopf Of Life Chiropractic. We just purchased a water filtration unit from Wellness Water with Julio Torres. Honestly, it's probably one of the best things we ever did for our practice. I'm really focused on making sure our clients have optimal wellness and part of that, a huge part of that, is that water that they're drinking. If you look at the water that you're drinking, in your systems at your house, coming out of the sink, it's absolutely disgusting! And the more and more I thought about it, the more I said, "Hey, we need to go ahead and get this system." Couldn't be more pleased, couldn't be happier that we have alkaline, reverse osmosis water that's clean. It's just so important to health and were just so happy that we went with Wellness Water Company and Julio Torres.

A very big benefit to the family!

Hilton McManus, Business Owner

Hello, my name is Hilton McManus, I'm owner of Administrative One Source, a local payroll and human resource company. I'm also a client and owner of a Wellness Water System by Julio Torres. We are extremely satisfied with the system. My wife, family. We are all enjoying the water is much softer, it cleans much better, it saves time and money with the washing machine, much less product being used... It has really been a very big benefit to the family. My wife notices that whenever the system starts to run low, she's immediately able to call and Julio comes in and services the system. It's really a wonderful system and very affordable and we'd certainly recommend it to anybody.

This is Serious!

Randy Galliano, owner of Randy's Complete Conditioning & A/C, (removed disgusting water from an ice machine in New Orleans.)

Hi, I'm Randy with Randy's Complete, I do air conditioning and refrigeration. [Holds up a bottle of water with sediment at the bottom] ...And I took this water and this chemical out of an ice machine in New Orleans. If you really want to have clean systems, call Julio Torres with Wellness Water so he can get THIS out of your water!"

Amazing Service!

Craig Ritz, Real Estate Developer

I want to thank you for the twenty plus years of service, with the General Ionics Water Conditioner. If we ever had a problem, you have always resolved it within the same day. You don't find customer service like this anywhere and I would like to let you know that I truly value you and your company.

Healthier Approach to Life!

Denise Thornton President, Beacon of Hope Resource Center

I highly recommend this system and feel that it is well worth the investment. This is by far the most wholesome and beneficial approach to a cleaner, healthier way of life that I have discovered in recent years. Thank you for introducing me to the water softening experience.

Saves me Time & Money!

Dava Naef, Wellness Coach

Love Julio and Chris and the rest of the team! I've had their water system for about 8 years and love it. Saves so much time and money to have quality water at home.

Life Changer!

Sarah Mattix, Photography Studio Owner

Just got ours installed!! Life changer! Julio was very nice, professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend to everyone!! We had the entire home and reverse osmosis done in our home. Worth every penny!


Kristin Bruce Glaudi, New Orleans resident

The owners are very caring people who just want to help their customers get healthy. They have great integrity as well!

35 years of experience solving water problems!

Susan M.

Julio has been in business for over 35 years and that says something. Anytime I have a question or anything it is just right on the ball. The savings that I have saved on my soap products have been amazing. I have not bought laundry detergents for over a year; I just need a tiny spoon full to wash each load because the water is so clean. It's a great company. You get what you pay for.